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Home visits are available by arrangement only. Please call 01386 701650 or email us at

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Ear Wax Removal Appointment


Water Irrigation is the method of removing wax which many people will have experienced at their Doctor’s surgery. This method replaced the old-fashioned syringing method. Wax can be easily and pleasantly removed using water irrigation provided that the wax has been softened with olive oil daily for at least four days prior to the wax removal appointment.

Ear wax can also be removed using micro-suction, which uses a tiny cannula (tube) attached to a medical suction device.  Wax can usually be removed this way provided the wax has not been softened too much. Most people are able to undergo aural micro-suction but they must be able to sit very still, and not be unduly upset by noises in the ear during the procedure.

The third method of wax removal is known as Manual Extraction and involves the use of fine instruments to hook or grasp clumps of wax from the ear canal.

Ear wax removal is £49.

Home Visits

For some people, getting out and about can be difficult, or simply not possible.  If you are in this situation, you will be pleased to know that The Willows offers a home visit service.

Home visits are only currently available from the Moreton in Marsh clinic and are limited to a ten mile radius from the clinic itself. Home visits have a fixed fee of £90.00 including any treatment.

It is very important that the advice given regarding the use of olive oil to soften the wax prior to the appointment is adhered to as repeat visits are charged at the same rate.

The Willows has very limited availability for home visits and prefer to reserve these for those in most need of home-based care.

Home visits are £90.